Emealz : Cream Cheese Chicken Pockets

Ethan loved the Cream Cheese Chicken Pockets recipe from Emealz.  I loved how easy it was to make with only a couple of ingredients 12 oz can chicken meat, drained4 oz cream cheese(2T melted butter, 2T milk, 1/4t salt, dash pepper, 1/2t onion powder)8 oz can crescent rollsBlend all ingredients, except for rolls.  Separate rolls [...]

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Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day to everyone!  I am super duper lucky to have 2 of the best Valentines that I could ever imagine!  Hunter and Ethan and I - totally in love! They are my little men who love me and I love them unconditionally! Each year just gets better and better with them seeing them [...]

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Big Brother vs Little Brother

What a weekend...and if you ever wondered how I get anything done around the house...well the answer is really not much.  Being a single working mother to a 3yr old and a 6yr old who are very very active little guys it is  hard to do anything except break up wrestling matches now between the [...]

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Baking with the boys! Fun times!

It is always an adventure when I get in the kitchen..let alone with the 2 boys.  We attempted to make cookies and treats for the boys teachers.  I think we made a pretty big mess but I just love spending the time with the boys!                       

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Send A FREE Personalized Call From Santa

Did you know you can get a free personalized call from Santa via Gmail account? You have several different options to choose from when setting it up.  And Ethan thought he did get a call from Santa Claus today!  He was screaming with excitement! Here is Ethans phone call from Santa today : And [...]

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The Best Part Of My Day!

Part of being a working single mom is trying to juggle it all.  And even after all these years it still isn't easy dropping them off at school because I treasure every moment I can with them.  But part of the reward is picking them up and just loving on them!  Thanks Hunter for taking [...]

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