WVEC – Blogging with Hunter

Hunter joined me this morning on WVEC for the social media segment to share about his blog and that he has been working on it since he was 5yrs old ( June 2010) Hunter does all of his own blogging on Wordpress and just talks about things he loves, family, and he really wants to [...]

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Emealz : Cream Cheese Chicken Pockets

Ethan loved the Cream Cheese Chicken Pockets recipe from Emealz.  I loved how easy it was to make with only a couple of ingredients 12 oz can chicken meat, drained4 oz cream cheese(2T melted butter, 2T milk, 1/4t salt, dash pepper, 1/2t onion powder)8 oz can crescent rollsBlend all ingredients, except for rolls.  Separate rolls [...]

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Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day to everyone!  I am super duper lucky to have 2 of the best Valentines that I could ever imagine!  Hunter and Ethan and I - totally in love! They are my little men who love me and I love them unconditionally! Each year just gets better and better with them seeing them [...]

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First snow in Virginia Beach for 2012!

Finally it feels like winter here in Virginia Beach with our first snow of the season.  We have been very lucky this year and this is the first time that we have had to actually put on gloves.  I love the warmer weather here and a good reason why I moved away from Nebraska.  But [...]

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Emeals – Turkey Spinach Lasagna

I just wanted to share how much I LOVE Emeals since we have started using about 2 weeks ago thanks to MyActiveChild for introducing me to this amazing service! Since I am a single working mom of 2 very young boys it is very difficult and even stressful going grocery shopping, preparing dinner and just [...]

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Goodnight iPad – by Ann Droyd

The book Goodnight iPad by Ann Droyd was referred to me by another mommy.  And what better way to end the night for those techy kids like mine than to say goodnight to their ipads.  Cute and fun little book to read.  The boys had a kick reading it for the first time. Hunter has [...]

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Networking : So easy a 3 yr old can do it!

Ethan my 3yr old sees his older brother (6yrs old) go to his friends house and has his friends over all the time on the weekends.  Ethan gets frustrated because he doesn't get to have his friends over or go to their house. So instead of waiting around until he gets older..Ethan took my business [...]

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Magnetic Paint/Primer – Rust-Oleum

One of the dangers of Pinterest I found a new project for me to work on that I might not normally do.  Last Sunday afternoon I saw a board with that they had made a wall magnetic.  So off I went to Home Depot... Rust-Oleum Magnetic Paint/Primer is around $20 for a can.  It was [...]

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Norfolk Admirals – Pink In The Rink

I wanted to give a quick thank you to A Step In Time Chimney Sweeps & Jim Leland who gave us the tickets to the Norfolk Admirals "Pink in the Rink" Hockey game yesterday. It was Ethan's first hockey game and both of my boys had a blast!  We had a busy day from the MMA [...]

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First Landing State Park – 1st Day Hike

What a perfect day to start out 2012 with a hike this morning with my 2 boys at First Landing State Park to celebrate First Day Hikes with Virginia State Parks. Since the boys and I went running quite a bit yesterday they were more into just walking and taking photos.  Hunter got some spy [...]

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Big Brother vs Little Brother

What a weekend...and if you ever wondered how I get anything done around the house...well the answer is really not much.  Being a single working mother to a 3yr old and a 6yr old who are very very active little guys it is  hard to do anything except break up wrestling matches now between the [...]

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School Christmas Program – Rappin Run DMC Christmas in Hollis

I got the chance to go to y 6yr olds Christmas program this morning and I guess times have changed even since I have been in school.  They did some chants and even a Run DMC holiday rap. Run DMC Christmas in Hollis (sorry was recording from my phone)

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Baking with the boys! Fun times!

It is always an adventure when I get in the kitchen..let alone with the 2 boys.  We attempted to make cookies and treats for the boys teachers.  I think we made a pretty big mess but I just love spending the time with the boys!                       

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Send A FREE Personalized Call From Santa

Did you know you can get a free personalized call from Santa via Gmail account? You have several different options to choose from when setting it up.  And Ethan thought he did get a call from Santa Claus today!  He was screaming with excitement! Here is Ethans phone call from Santa today : And [...]

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The Best Part Of My Day!

Part of being a working single mom is trying to juggle it all.  And even after all these years it still isn't easy dropping them off at school because I treasure every moment I can with them.  But part of the reward is picking them up and just loving on them!  Thanks Hunter for taking [...]

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