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Emeals – Turkey Spinach Lasagna


I just wanted to share how much I LOVE Emeals since we have started using about 2 weeks ago thanks to MyActiveChild for introducing me to this amazing service!

Since I am a single working mom of 2 very young boys it is very difficult and even stressful going grocery shopping, preparing dinner and just figuring out what is for dinner.  So often times it is going out or simple dinners (cereal, grilled cheese, chicken nuggets, etc) and I feel terrible because I want to be “that mom” that can do it all.

But since I have been using Emeals – dinner has actually been quite fun to try out new things.

They provide a weeks worth of dinners!  I love this because not only is it a menu to try a variety of meals but they involve very few ingredients.  It is always overwhelming to me to see a menu and it has tons of steps and alot of ingredients.  The entire weeks worth of meals and recipes all fit on 1 page!

Emeals provides the shopping list by grocery store aisles to make it easy ( for example deli, produce, meats, frozen, canned, etc) so you know exactly how many items you need as well as where to find them.  Talk about a time saver!  So instead of buying things you don’t need you only get the things you do need!

First dinner we did was the turkey, spinach, lasagna that my 6yr old son prepared for us.  And the best part is both boys LOVED it!  Check out his blog www.Hunterspeaks.com

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