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Ethan my 3yr old sees his older brother (6yrs old) go to his friends house and has his friends over all the time on the weekends.  Ethan gets frustrated because he doesn’t get to have his friends over or go to their house.

ethan business card

So instead of waiting around until he gets older..Ethan took my business card to school and gave it to his friends mom and told her to call him.  When I spoke with her she said she didn’t understand at first what he was talking about and then realized that she was supposed to call me for a play date.  Her son also kept asking when can Ethan play at his house.  Ethan kept asking me all day did his friends mom call yet and why he didn’t get to play at his house.

So yesterday we got the call…his friends mom called and we set up their first play date.  Ethan couldn’t stop talking about he was going to his friends house and his brother wasn’t going to go only he him!

So proud of Ethan!  But then again…makes me wonder who else he gave my business card to…

ethan playdate  playdate




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