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Magnetic Paint/Primer – Rust-Oleum

One of the dangers of Pinterest I found a new project for me to work on that I might not normally do.  Last Sunday afternoon I saw a board with that they had made a wall magnetic.  So off I went to Home Depot…

Rust-Oleum Magnetic Paint/Primer is around $20 for a can.  It was a little harder to do than I expected.  It is extremely thick and you should make sure you have them stir it well and get a few paint sticks because it hardens pretty fast so it goes on really thick.  And you will need a minimum of 4 coats for it to really work.  I think I need to add a couple more coats because on the one wall I did do there are a few spots that aren’t as strong as magnetic as all the others.

But overall the boys LOVED it especially my 3yr old he comes home with art projects all the time and the first thing he asks is if he can hang it up.




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