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Well if you haven’t guess already my name is Naoma Doriguzzi and I am just an average woman who has embraced technology, social media and have found a new love for it! This is my random blog where you will find it all in one place…vlogging, blogging, photography, reviews of Hampton Roads, my family, being a single mother, my favorite and not so favorite places to hang out and of course technology!

I am currently a 35 single mother to 2 wonderful little guys – Ethan ( currently 4 yrs old) and Hunter (7yrs old)  I was born in Pusan, Korea but came over to the United States when I was 1yrs old with my fraternal twin sister when we were adopted by a caucasian family and grew up in the Heartland of America ( Omaha, Nebraska)  So no I don’t speak Korean, I don’t like Kimchi or seafood, I don’t sing Karaoke and my name is American.  🙂

I have a deep passion for charity and volunteer work – especially those that affect children.  I just can’t say no. And I know that the more I give the more I get back.  

I LOVE country music, meeting new people and have found that I am almost willing to try anything at least once.  So if you want to know more…make sure you subscribe to my blog or just ask me a question!


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