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Media Kit

Ask Naoma is a blog site for and about experiencing new things, eating good food, social media and enjoying life!

Ask Naoma is a blog written by Naoma Doriguzzi ( born 1977) with 2 young boys ages 4 & 7yrs old ( as of 2012).  I use social media full-time and have since 2006 on various blog sites.   I love sharing my adventures and experiences with my regular readers, family, friends or someone who just happens to stumble upon my site.

When I blog about an adventure, experience, or new product I often do a full spread of photographs, video blog, tweets, check-ins, on-line review sites and sometimes live-streaming.

I am social and connected with a Google Pixel, Droid Turbo 2, iPad, Acer Tablet, Toshiba laptop, Macbook Pro, Canon Vixia M40, Nikon D3000, Sony Video Camera, HD Flip Cameras, Canon S90, & Canon 60D.

Ask Naoma blog site is PR friendly and located in Virginia Beach, VA.  I love attending and writing about local events in the Hampton Roads area that includes, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Williamsburg, Hampton, Newport News Virginia.  However, I am always up for something new and glad to hop on a plane or jump in my car for a fabulous new destination!

If you have a brand or client you represent that would fit into any of the following niches I would be happy to see if we can find a match that would work for you and me.

  • Travel, weekend experiences
  • Food, recipes, food experiences
  • Tech gadgets – smartphones, tablets, accessories, cameras, video cameras
  • Cars
  • Family adventures
  • Fashion ( petite size 0 )
  • Single parenting
  • Working Mother
  • Country Music
  • MMA – Mixed Martial Arts

Ask Naoma Review Stats as of August 5, 2016
Page Rank : 3

Twitter Followers : 23,203 – VERIFIED Twitter user

Facebook Fans : 1,073 – VERIFIED Facebook business page

Facebook Friends : 3,890 and 297 subscribers

Instagram Followers:  1,123 Followers

Linked In Connections : 3,016 Connections

Google Plus Connections : 3,851 Have Me In Their Circles with 19,288,588 views

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Pinterest: 788 Followers

YouTube Channel :  3,399  Subscribers & 4,668,734  video views

Approximately 3,000 Unique Visitors A Month to Ask Naoma