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My 3 Favorite Blackberry Applications

I LOVE my Blackberry Curve!  And yes I am an addict and not ashamed at all.  I purchased almost a year ago and I do not know how I survived without it.  It has made my business more efficient in many ways.

Here are 3 of my favorite blackberry applications:


Funambol – I love because it syncs my Outlook contacts, calendar, tasks and notes.  So even if I am not at my computer I can check my outlook calendar and vice versa.


Vlingo – In the state of Virginia it is now illegal to drive and text (as it should be in every state)  So with Vlingo I can record into my phone text, email, call someone in my address book, quickly go to internet search without typing in, and update my facebook and my twitter status.


Ubertwitter – This is so much better than Twitterberry!  I can RT, Copy Tweets, Search, send pics, find tweets near me and just easy to use!

And of course – these applications are FREE!

Feel free to share what other applications that I must have!  I am always looking for ways to make my business run more efficiently!



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