green drinks in chesapeake
Thurs Sept 3, 2009
Aloft in Chesapeake
1454 Crossways Blvd
Chesapeake, VA
Ride your bike, your horse or your pony, take the bus or just walk. We don’t mind. Green Drinks Chesapeake is an open forum space meant to create community and build awareness of efforts designed, operated and run, on a local level, to further support environmental development.

We’re a saucy bunch, too. Especially, when we’re sauced!

You say your DD ditched you? Stay and play, anyway. Ask for the “livealoft” special event rate and rest easy for $59 for the night. We like you saucy, and we like you safe.

Here are some pictures of this beautiful hotel if you haven’t been there before. They always have great events!
aloft hotel aloft hotel
aloft hotel