blogging success

If you blog they come…..

Kind of like the Field of Dreams movie – “If you build it they will come”  Same thing with blogging and what it can do for your business.

I have been teaching alot of social networking and blogging classes to real estate offices quite regularly and I often get the same comment – “But that won’t get me any business”

My reply is – “if you don’t then you definitely won’t get any business”

Last night driving home at 6:30 I get a call on my cell phone from a guy in Baltimore, MD asking me about some refinance options and more specifically about a blog he was reading on Active Rain.  He wanted to do business with me.

If you don’t blog – how are they going to find you online?  Why would they want to do business with you?

So what can you do? Here are the 3 C’s of success that I think will help in your blog success

  • Content – write good quality content for your readers
  • Consistency – now that you have a blog – put in your daily marketing plan
  • Comment – if you comment on others blogs they will comment on yours.  It is all about engaging

So for all of you real estate professionals….maybe if we keep it a secret between us – then they can be the ones on the sidelines watching the success we are having in our business.

blogging secrets