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Mothers Day 2009

doriguzzi boysThis year for Mothers Day is an extra special one for me. I have celebrated Mothers Day with my son Hunter since 2005 and this year I get to celebrate with the newest addition to our family – Ethan Doriguzzi born July 3, 2008.

When I was pregnant with Ethan I feared that I might not be able to love another baby as much as I loved Hunter.  He was my #1 man for the past 3 years and how could I really love 2 boys the same?

I was scared…but I can tell you now that was the silliest thing when thinking back on it.  Ethan has brought so much to our family and has equally stolen my heart along with Hunter!!

I can honestly tell you that being a Mother is more challenging but at the same time the most rewarding thing I have accomplished in my life so far.  I never knew the LOVE that I feel and how it overcomes my heart when I look at my boys every day.

I know, I know it is so cliche but so true…I appreciate my Mother more now and can really understand the challenges and love that comes from being a mom.  I took for granted what she had to offer growing up and never knew how important of a part of my life she was until now.

I feel such an unconditional love for my children that is almost indescribeable.  Being a new mom I did lose alot of my independence with the responsibilities of having a family but that I have gained a much bigger purpose in my life and would NEVER trade what I have now.

The best part of my day is sneaking in first thing to my childrens beds and watching them sleep so peacefully.  I admire them so much and they have already taught me on being a better person, mother and wife. I look forward to the upcoming days to come and being able to experience life with them.


I also wanted to wish my mother Lorraine Cornish a Happy Mothers Day! Just so you know she has successfully raised 7 kids who are all grown up  and have 7 grandkids ( all boys) with another one on the way.


**Hopefully tomorrow for Mothers Day I can get the opportunity to sleep in! 🙂



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