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Are You Recognizeable?

Naoma Doriguzzi Virginia Beach Mortgage Consultant Taken 2 years ago Naoma Doriguzzi Taken a couple of weeks ago

I am just wondering from those that know me if I look the same as my profile picture that was taken 2 years ago.   I had 2 recent experiences lately that got me thinking about this and the power of having a complete profile on your social networking sites and blogs.

1.  I was leaving an office building during the day and passed a lady who turned around and stopped me and said – “Are you Naoma?”  I am usually pretty good with faces and not so good with names.  “I am your Facebook friend!”  And she told me her name and I instantly remembered her name and was glad that she recognized me from such a random encounter.

2.  Last week I went to a business luncheon and ended up sitting next to a realtor who said “Hey Naoma!” Again, a woman I had not met in person before but same thing “ I am one of your friends on Facebook and I also know your husband”

All I can say is – how cool is that?  You can turn your social networking profiles into actual business opportunities!

I can’t begin to tell you how successful being consistent and having an online presence is to our everyday business.

Do I need an updated picture for all of my profiles?  My professional one was taken before babies 🙂  I might have a few more gray hairs than 2 years ago! 🙂

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