///NO Service – No Problem!

NO Service – No Problem!

no service

Don’t you hate it when you are needing to use your cell phone and then you get the dreaded “No Service

Well I did find out some great news – at least for blackberry users that I had no idea we could use and might save you a call to the “Customer Service”

We recently moved to an area where we have ZERO cell phone coverage and that is just not acceptable when our phones are our #1 resource besides our computer for our jobs.  I think on average my husband alone can talk about 4000 minutes a month.

This is what I found out and it works! If you are in an area where there is no cell phone coverage and you are in an area where at least you have wifi. (For example : our home) You can use the wifi to connect your phone to and then still be able to use your phone.  And it is FREE! It would only cost your normal minute usage and luckily we have unlimited minutes.

So…here is how you do it!

1.  Click on your “Set Up Wi-Fi” Icon.  It looks like a little router

2.  It will then bring you to the prompt where you can “Scan For Networks”

3.  And then you just decide which network to connect to.

So now we can make and receive our phone calls from home or anywhere else we happen to not have any coverage.  It makes doing business a whole lot easier!

**We use T-Mobile and not sure if all service providers offer this so you might want to check to make sure.**



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