As a mother to 2 small boys going to the grocery store can often be a “chore”.  I am always looking for ways to cut corners and make my life a bit easier.  I love Walmart and the great savings I get from shopping there but often dread the long lines and congestion that comes with it.

Well at Bloom they offer “a different kind of grocery store“.  I like because they have parking spots up front for Parents With Children.  And when you are carrying a 7 month old and holding a 3 yr olds hand across a parking lot it makes a BIG difference to me.

Not only that but if you aren’t familiar with the store they do offer a store map right on the shopping cart handle.  Again, a little convenience for the shopper that needs to get in and out quickly.

They only have one store in Virginia Beach right now but hopefully they will change that.  2005 Sandbridge Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23456.