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A Snowy Day In Virginia Beach!

I can’t believe that when we woke up this morning there was ACTUALLY snow covering the rooftops and cars.  It wasn’t alot to most people but I can’t remember the last time we saw snow here.  Luckily, the schools and most businesses were closed today due to the Presidents Day Holiday.  Otherwise, I am sure they would have shut down the city.

This is practically a one time event here in Virginia Beach.  I come from the Midwest and my husband comes from upstate New York so it was kind of refreshing to see the snow on the ground every once in awhile.  I am grateful though that this is probably the worst of it for this year.

All in all I do hate the cold and snow but it is beautiful to see every once in awhile.

virginia beach snow day

virginia beach snow day

virginia beach snow day

virginia beach snow day

Don’t laugh but this is ALOT of snow for this area!



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