Twice this week I had customers actually tell me that they did “Google” me to find out more information.  One customer actually was looking me up online as I was taking his application so that he could find out who I was.  After about 15 minutes of going through it with him online and even pointing him to my blog he was quite impressed and I did get his full application.


This can be a very powerful tool in your favor or against you.  Keep in mind the kind of information that you write and what others write about you.  Luckily, I know that I haven’t written anything that I would be ashamed of a customer finding out or reading.

The customer today asked if she could be my friend on Facebook and is now probably going to read this blog.  It is a great practice for us to remind our customers about our blogs so they can keep up with us and our industry.


Naoma Doriguzzi Virginia Beach Mortgage Consultant