To All The Mothers Out There :

There are moments when you just sit back and realize where did the time go? When did my baby not become a baby anymore?

Well, I had a moment like that last week and wanted to share.  My son Hunter will be 4 yrs old in April and last week we went shoe shopping for him.  He is now wearing size 11 1/2 in kids shoes and when we came home and placed his shoes in the closet next to mine I realized they are practically the same size as my foot.

How is this possible?  I WANT MY BABY BACK!

I admit I look forward to each day that he learns something new and I get to know more of his amazing personality but I am just not ready yet to let go of my “baby” Hunter.

hunters shoe This is my foot next to Hunter’s shoe.                  hunters shoe

Hunter and Ethan Hunter