WVEC Social Media Saturday – with Karen Hopkins and Julie Wilcox chatting about QR Codes.

Anyone can create a QR code :

    • Goo.gl
    • QR Stuff

 What information can a QR code take you?

    • VCard information
    • send event information to a calendar
    • Install an app on a mobile device
    • Video
    • Website

QR Code tips :

  •  Make sure mobile optimized website
  • Make sure it is in a wifi or 3G spot for people to scan
  • Make sure it works for iphone and android

Useful ways to use QR Codes :

    • Use on business card to scan your contact info
    • local businesses : take them to your app, post hours, phone # or mobile website
    • Put on a small marketing item
    • Tshirts – put on your back, not your front

QR Code Readers :

  • Scanlife
  • QR Droid

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