The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse:

I am excited to be doing a Family 4 pack ticket giveaway to the afternoon show The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse March 30, 2013 at 2:30pm.

Closed ticket winner announced!

Comment below on why you would like to win tickets with your email and I will randomly pick and announce a winner March 25, 2013 by email.

Can’t wait to win tickets? You can purchase them through Tickets are $8

Town Mouse

A quiet and simple country life or the fast-paced excitement of the City? That’s the question confronting the County Mouse in this square dance meets sock hop retelling of the classic fable by Aesop. As the County Mouse ponders the abundant riches of the big city being offered by the fast talking Town Mouse, he feels the tug of a different kind of riches he left behind in the country.

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