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Mermaid Malena – Virginia Aquarium

I got to see Mermaid Malena at the Reason For The Season with the Noblemen event that was at the Virginia Aquarium the other night.  Mermaid Malena does an amazing job swimming among all the fishes and swims so gracefully in the aquarium.  I never knew until recently that there were actually mermaids and even a mermaid community.




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  • Jenny

    My kids can hold their breath longer than this. Was she training? The costume looked nice!

    • Star

      It really depends on how long she was swimming previous to this video. As an underwater performer/mermaid, I know that the longer you are underwater holding your breath the worse your breath hold becomes. I am sure she isn’t getting much of a chance to come up and stay up for air. You are supposed to balance the time you have above water with the time you have below 50/50. So if you are down for a minute you should stay up for a minute to re-oxygenate your blood. If you do not, your breath hold becomes shorter. So that is possibly why she is down for such a short time in the video.