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Help Save The Afton Theatre

Duane Cotton from Trademark Construction is looking to start another huge renovation and is looking for your help!  The Afton Theatre in Portsmouth needs to be renovated soon or it will be torn down.

Currently abandonded, efforts are underway to restore the Afton to a first-run movie theatre. Fred Schoenfeld of The Commodore Theatre is leading the effort. Duane Cotton of Trademark Construction, and the Hampton Roads “Extreme Makeover Home Edition” build is assisting. Kenneth Johnson of Freedom 1650, The Commodore Theatre, and Studio Center is handling this page.

They are looking for volunteers, donations, and materials to be able to proceed with the project and avoid it being torn down.

To help out you can email [email protected] or join the Facebook Page.






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  • We have an old theater in Grapevine, Texas and it is such a landmark. I cannot imagine them tearing it down. We have weekly old classic movies for $5! With the current economy I fear that many of these wonderful historical buildings are going to be destroyed!