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As a single working mother to 2 boys ( 2 1/2yrs old and 6 yrs old) who has time to cook and clean up after a long day?  I keep things simple when it comes to the cooking.  Sorry if some think I am not a good mother…I do the best that I can.  Well I tried to bake the boys some cookies ( yes they were pre-packaged cookie dough) and unfortunately I got distracted when I put the cookies in the oven ( went outside to play with the boys) and an hour later…the cookies were burned!



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  • Marissa

    Burnt cookies happen to all of us, whether or not we are avid bakers it is bound to happen at some point. As for anyone questioning your ability of being a good parent based on your cooking experience….NONSENSE… Love, devotion, nuturing thats what makes you an awesome mom, not whats in the oven.