So my son is in Kindergarten now and went to the open house tonight.  I was amazed at what I saw…The teacher said no more chalkboards..They now use a Promethean ( an interactive whiteboard).

I am so proud of my little guy and all of his accomplishments so   far for being a 5yr old.

But it was great to meet some of the parents, his teacher, the    principal and kind of feel what his day might be like.

I did have one concern, school starts at 8:00am and they have  lunch at 10:45am.  And no snack.  So that is why he is so    hungry for dinner.

He goes to aftercare until I get off work and they provide a small snack for them.  But still I think that is a bit early for lunch.

Here is the picture that he drew that was on his little desk.