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Twitter Success!

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Who would have thought that the question “What are you doing?” would be so popular online?

I joined the twitter craze in August 2008 and fumbled my way through it and now have learned how to utilize twitter for business.  That’s right BUSINESS!

Yesterday I received a referral for a refinance from a local resident and today I received a reply for someone moving to the are looking for a realtor.

Twitter is all about building relationships and takes time so just because the relationships don’t happen right away don’t give up…it is not a waste of time if you use it correctly.  And that doesn’t mean there is a wrong or right way so to speak but there is a way to make it a useful tool to your business success.

Since I added my Twitter to my blackberry with the twitterberry application it has made it much more convenient to keep up with all of my followers and make updates.

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