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You Never Know Where Your Next Deal Is Coming From

You never know where your next deal is coming from – so make sure that you treat all clients the same.

I will be the first to admit that I keep a close eye on my daily schedule and usually schedule my day with appointments every 2 hours.  That doesn’t leave me much time in between to do paperwork and squeezing other busy work in.

Last week I was preparing for an 11 am appointment and in walks a realtor at 9:40 am and asked if I had time to meet with a client at 10am to get qualified for a purchase.  I said sure!  He said – “Great – he lives at the homeless shelter that I volunteer at.  Other than that I don’t know anything else. ”

stressed about appointment

Knowing that I spend at least 45 mins with my first time homebuyers to go over the whole process and get the required documentation I was going to be cutting it close for my 11am at another office.

10 am – the client walks in ready to discuss his homebuying options ( I will also admit I wasn’t sure how this was going to work – but I was going to think positive and help this guys out just like all of my cleints)

Here is how the interview went with him :

Where do you live – He gives me address

How long have you lived there – 4 years

What are monthly housing expenses – I live in a shelter so I have none – he doesn’t rent or own

Where do you work? – I work as a maintenance supervisor for the past 4 years at the same place

What is gross monthly income? – $500 gross weekly

Where do you bank? ( we need asset information) – I have $17,000 saved in a savings

I then proceed to ask him the declarations on the application – no bks, no foreclosures, he said he has a small $200 credit card balance.

Ok great – I have all of your information and I will now pull credit and see how much we can qualify you for. – Oh and at this time he pulls out his VA certificate of eligibility.

I come back from the printer with the client’s credit report of a 750 credit score.  He is pre-qualed at $165,000 purchase 100% financing with his VA.  He is now ready to start looking at homes.

He brought in his documents the very next day and he and the realtor started looking for homes.

This is the second homeless to homeowner client that I have been able to assist.  This goes to show you – You Never Know Where Your Next Client Is Coming From.

homeless to homeowner




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