//Whale Of A Tale!

Whale Of A Tale!

Whale Of A Tale

by Lorraine Cornish ( my mother)

Once upon a time, there was an angler named Charlie who swam with the sharks but was as flexible and fast as an eel so he never floundered around becoming bait for the baracudas in his business.

Charlie was always busy and often perched on the edge of his chair while he worked the phones and his computer at the same time.  He did not carp or play it koi when he smelt a whale of a deal but just cast his line out and reeled in in with the confidence of a tiger.

His processor Molly was a shrimp and had a mullet, but she was good at her job which made Charlie happy.  Charlie was so successful that he was tempted to buy a piece of art by Sidney Pollock but it just wasn’t his style.

Charlie, Naoma, Hunter and Ethan had a wonderful time celebrating his birthday.  They were such a beautiful and happy family that perfect strangers were heard to exclaim, “Holy Mackarel! What a   beautiful and happy family!” Charlie had many birthdays and he and his family all lived beautifully and happily ever after.





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