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Postcard Addiction?

I went to an event this weekend put on by a realtor wanting to focus on high end clientele oceanfront property as investments.  She is a high volume producer and felt honored that she wanted me to be a part of her “team”. The event was on a Saturday and I was asked to come out on Friday afternoon.

It was on a Saturday afternoon and she had planned on featuring million dollar properties, have some wine and cheese with a weekend beach rental giveaway.


When I get there I asked her “What did you do to market your event?”

Realtor : I mailed out 500 postcards

Me: Great! What else?

Realtor: Sent out an email

Me: Great! Any response?

Realtor: I have 1 person that might come out

So 2 hrs later and 1 person show up ( $1000 spent on mailers) not so sure of a great ROI.

And she was very lucky she did have 1 person come out to the 2 hour event.

With all of the tools available out there online and offline – postcards is not the way to market an event to an exclusive high end clientele – In my opinion.

Are Postcards and mailers a thing of the past?

Have they been successful in your marketing?



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