//I’M BACK!!!!!

I’M BACK!!!!!

I feel like a brand new person and so excited to be back!       

For those of you that missed out or that I haven’t gotton to know yet here is the story – or my goodbye blog from Tina Merrit. A Sad Story of a Wonderful Blogger.

Basically after 3 years of blogging and social networking I was asked by my employer to remove all blogs and internet presence or risk being fired.  They didn’t want employees representing them on the internet or marketing as it could be bad.

I was in total shock because through my blog and social networking I actually CLOSED loans and brought in deposits to the bank.  But after 4 months of not being able to blog I realized how important it is for my business and really didn’t want to continue working there and to go where my efforts were appreciated and that I could communicate again with the world.

What am I up to?

Well my husband and I have teamed up as partners at New American Mortgage. He too was working at a large bank that was too restrictive and had to go where we were allowed to grow our online business.  That is how strongly we feel about Active Rain and what a good online presence can and will do for our business.

And since the takedown of my blog I have had an outpour of requests from people needing assistance on getting started and numerous questions on blogging and social media. So, I have also started a consulting business where I can teach as well as assist with businesses and real estate professionals on blogging and internet presence.  Check me out at Success With Technology.

Thank you all for your patience and support these past few months…I am still in the business and going strong!

Where can you find me now?

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More to come as we get up and going!  So, in the meantime feel free to contact Charlie or myself! We look forward to networking and blogging again with everyone!



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