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WVEC Weekends With Joe & Julie : Email Spam

Spam : also known as junk email or unsolicited bulk email

Tips for avoiding spam :

1.  Check the persons name, look at the time it was sent and look at the file size

2.  Try not to post your email in a public forum and if you have to spell it out

Example : naoma dot doriguzzi at yahoo dotcom

3.  Report spam : Before you delete your spam, forward your spam to: [email protected] as this is the Spam box for FTC (Federal Trade Commission). Mail sent to this box is investigated. If it is indeed spam, the original sender can be charged $500 per email. The more mail they get from different users but same spammer, the more it’s likely to be investigated.

4.  Use separate email address : one for personal, one for entertainment, etc..

Understand CAN-SPAM

The CAN-SPAM act was enacted in 2003 and 2008. This law applies to all comercial emails.

  • Send your e-mail to permission-based lists only.
  • Provide a way for your list subscribers to opt out permanently.
  • Keep your opt-out process simple and don’t charge money or ask for additional information to opt out.
  • Don’t pay people or give them incentives to forward your e-mails.
  • Make sure your e-mail includes your physical address (a PO Box is okay)
  • Don’t mislead your audience with your From line or e-mail address.
  • Make sure your e-mail Subject line is honest about your content.
  • Make sure your e-mail clearly states that the e-mail is a solicitation unless you have affirmative consent.
  • Learn the law before sending any commercial e-mail; use an attorney.

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