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WVEC Social Media Saturday : Social Media Privacy Tips

  • Keep your privacy settings up to date ( I keep a spreadsheet of my sites I use and the last time I updated my profile) Although it is always a work in progress for me.
  • Don’t accept unknown friend requests : Sure we all want to network but now there are ways to connect with out personally connecting.  I have created a business page for more of the networking.
  • Don’t put your date of birth and your birth place ( Carnegie Mellos researchers can figure out your social security #)
  • Put a password on your phone in case you lose it or it gets stolen
  • Be cautious of permissions needed for applications for your phone and websites
  • Log out and view your profile as someone else
  • Don’t check into places unless you want people to know where you are ( I never check into my home or my childrens schools)
  • Be cautious of using shared or public computers.


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