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WVEC Social Media Saturday : What’s new with Facebook

Facebook made some changes you may not have noticed :

  • your email has changed to @facebook.com which forces users to message you there on facebook.  you cannot delete you can only hide from your timeline.
  • Edit comments
  • Make sure to check your news feed on pages you have liked http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=And1OCR2CjE
  • Scheduled posts
  • Exporting events to your calendar (google calendar, outlook, apple ical)
  • Promoted posts ( business pages) Pay for your “likes” to see your posts if you have at least 400 likes
  • Pinning posts to the top ( business pages)

Best Time of Day to Post?

Content posted earlier in the day (ET) generates the most Likes and Shares. Shares on Facebook peak at 6PM ET and Likes peak at 8PM ET.

Weekends are the Best Day to Publish Posts
Posts published on Saturday and Sunday were Liked more then during the business week.

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