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WVEC Segment : Working In The Cloud

Today’s social media segment on WVEC Weekends with Joe and Julie we chatted about “Working In The Cloud”.  Basically what that means is that no matter what computer you are using, windows or a mac, no matter what browser, safari, google chrome, internet explorer or firefox, or a mobile phone or tablet you will have access to your accounts and files.  It’s the easiest way to collaborate and be productive.

I use mainly all Google applications to manage my accounts and files : documents, calendar, presentations, email, voicemail and even print from anywhere.

What is even better is that the tools I use are all free.

Google Applications that I currently use :

  • Documents ( word, spreadsheets, files) you can keep private or share
  • Calendar – manage multiple calendars and share
  • Presentations – it doesn’t matter if I forget my thumbdrive at home or if I use Microsoft Power Point or Keynote.  It is ready for me on the cloud
  • Email – manage multiple emails all with only 1 log in
  • Print from anywhere
  • Voicemail – I can call and receive voicemails all within my gmail

Dropbox – I use to share larger files like my videos or photos.  Upload directly to my dropbox folder on my computer and I can retrieve from anywhere I have internet access.

Evernote : I love evernote to quickly take notes, record audio or take photos.

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