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WVEC – BYOD ( Bring your own Device)

WVEC – Weekends with Joe and Julie for Social Media Saturday

Today’s topic was BYOD or Bring your own device.  Yesterday I received a not home from my 7yr old’s school saying that it is ok to bring your own device ( smartphone, tablet or laptop)

Unfortunately, I only get about 3 1/2 minutes to chat about a topic and I really wanted to compare the tablet options and why you may or may not want to invest in a tablet since that is one of the hottest things people are talking about.

Reasons to get a tablet :

  • great e-readers
  • tablets are better than some laptops especially if you dont do alot of typing
  • great for sharing photos and 1 on 1 presentations
  • great for travel
  • better battery life

Reasons to consider not getting a tablet :

  • I have a smart phone and can use in place of a tablet
  • can’t do as much work on a tablet as my  laptop
  • Who knows what is going to come out next!! 

Kindle Fire 8.9inch coming out in November only $299

Ipad starts at $499 up to $899

Google Nexus 7 :  The best of Google for only $199

Samsung Galaxy $350

I am thinking of checking out the Google Nexus 7 – I have heard many good things about it so I will give you a review if I do decide to. But for now I am content with my smart phone and laptop.  My 2 boys use an ipad though.





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