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Spur Thighed Tortoise & Leopard Tortoise Feeding

Spur Thighed Tortoise & Leopard Tortoise Feeding – I actually didn’t mind these little guys at all.  I could get up close with them and got some great photos and video.  They are very calm and of course they don’t move very fast so I felt very very comfortable.  I would even consider having a turtle/tortoise for a pet.  They look pretty easy to take care of as well.

The leopard tortoise is the fourth largest species of tortoise in the world, with typical adults reaching 18-inch and weighing 40-pound large examples may be 28 in long and weigh up to 120-pound. An adult’s maximum shell length can reach a 24-inch diameter. The giantEthiopian form might reach 39in in rare cases. Also, in much rarer cases in countries such as Sudan and their high humidity rainforests this type of tortoise can reach up to lengths of 45 inches.

It is a large and attractively marked tortoise. The carapace is high and domed, and pyramid shaped scutes are not uncommon. The skin and background color is cream to yellow, and the carapace is marked with black blotches, spots or even dashes or stripes. Each individual is marked uniquely.


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