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Spartyka Fight League XI : Videos

Spartyka Fight League XI TKO for the Ta Tas at the Hampton Coliseum Videos  

1.  Matt Ludwick (Independent) vs Chris Wilkerson (Independent) 145

2.  John Cevora (Gustavo Machado) vs Chad Kendall (Independent) 135

3.  Robert White (Independent) vs Brian Scott (Independent)

4.  Andres Encinales (New World Academy) vs Dustin Wilson (Independent) 155

5.  William Smoot (Iredell Rattlers) vs Dunbar (Independent) 145

6.  Jason King (Independent) vs Scott Brinkley (Independent) Heavyweight

7.  Justin Scott (New World Academy) vs Chris Weller (Independent) 135

8.  Jacob Cameron (Independent) vs Elijah Morrison (Tiger Martial Arts Academy) Heavyweight

9.  Demar Holloway (Coastal Combat Sports) vs Wayne Robinson (Independent) 175

10.  Jude Hammond (Mason) vs Ardit Hysa (Outer Banks Fight Club) 140

11.  Alex Kokush (Gustavo Machado) vs Mark Campbell (Independent) 185

12.  RJ Jenkins ( Independent) vs Gerald Meuse (HTC) 170

13.  Stacey Anderson (Independent) vs Daniel Alverez (Columbia Martial Arts)  155

14.  Scott Lovern ( Coastal Combat Sports) vs George Pointer (Outer Banks Fight Club) Heavyweight

15.  Terrence Oliver ( Bushido) vs Sherali Khalmetov (Global Martial Arts) 130

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