Professional Bull Riders (PBR) came to Hampton Coliseum this past weekend and I was fortunate to get better than a front row seat… I was up close and personal with the cowboys and the bulls.  I was in as I would call it “Cowboy Heaven”

I have to admit I was a bit nervous at first stepping onto the floor with 40 professional bull riders and these massive bulls they are going to ride.  But these are true cowboys – the nicest yet toughest guys I had ever met.  Standing up there surrounded by these cowboys with my little Nikon D3000 attempting to get a great shot of these bull rides was exciting and an opportunity of a lifetime.  They helped me up onto the bull pens ( or I think they call them bucking chutes) and told me the scoop on how the event worked and what the life of a bull rider was like.  I could have never dreamed up something this cool!

I was literally aching for my video camera…but no video allowed down there on the floor so I will take what I can get with my photos.  Watching the guys reactions, how they get pumped up to ride a bull, how they tie their hands to this massive bull, talking to the bulls and even praying before they hopped on was so amazing!

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