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Ford : Power Of Choice Vehicle and Technology Tour

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Ford Motor Company Ford is committed to delivering vehicles with the best or among the best fuel economy. Ford has 12 vehicles with best-in-class fuel economy – more than any other full-line automaker – giving consumers a real choice when choosing a vehicle that suits their needs and saves money at the pump.

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Special Guest Speakers included – Bob Barton from Beach Ford  [singlepic id=1355 w=300 h=240 float=none]

Carrie Majeske Ford’s Manager of Product Sustainability [singlepic id=1356 w=300 h=240 float=none]

Chelsea Jenkins Virginia Clean Cities Board Member. [singlepic id=1357 w=300 h=240 float=none]

Here are some of the highlights mentioned that we got to learn about Ford

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They did some research and here are some Norfolk insights :

Among those surveyed, fule efficiency is by far the most important influencing factors in the vehicle purchasing decision.  When asked directly 57% of respondents expressed interest in purchasing a hybrid or electric vehicle with savings on gas being the primary purchase motivator.

51% of residents surveyed do not know the differences between the various vehicle platforms, however, 61% do know the differences between alternative fuel technologies like the flex fule and compressed natural gas.

Virginia driving habits : 73% drive to work, 61% commute less than half an hour each way, 71% drive more than 20 miles on weekends and 22% drive more than 50 miles on weekends.

Ford delivering Class Leading Fuel Effciency :

  • 14 vehicles with a best-in-class fuel economy, more than any manuracturer
  • 13 vehicles with 30+ MPG including the Edge and Mustang
  • 4 with 40 or more MPG ( 2011 Fusion Hybrid 41MPG, 2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid 41 MPG, 2011 Ford Fiesta SFE 40 MPG, and 2012 Ford Focus SFE 40 MPG)
Small Car Trends :
  • Small car sales account for 25% of vehicles sold in the US
  • Focus and Fiesta are the 2 fastest turning vehicles in Ford showrooms

EcoBoost :

  • Direct injection + Turbo Charging
  • Up to 20% fuel economy improvement
  • Up to 15% reduction in CO2 emmissions
  • 90% of nameplates will be equipped with EcoBoost by 2013.  Currently offering – 2012 Ford Explorer, 2012 Super Duty, 2012 Flex, 2012 Taurus, 2011 F-150, Lincoln MKT and MKS

Ford Flex Fuel Vehicles :

  • Between 2006 & 2010 model years, Ford delivered on its pledge to double the number of flexible fuel vehicles produced in the US.
  • Current Ford Vehicles include : Escape, Fusion, F-150, Expedition, E-Series, Lincoln Navigator, Super Duty, & New models to be added in 2012

Ford CNG Vehicles :

  • Compressed Natural Gas ( CNG) is a clean-burning fuel that significantly reduces CO, CO2 and NOx
  • CNG Transit Connect taxis are used in Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Boston and San Francisco
  • Ford CNG vehicles include : E-Series, Tranisit Connect, Super Duty Chasis cab, Super Duty pickup, Medium Duty (2012)

Ford’s Electrification Strategy :

  • Ford’s electrified vehicles are part of the company’s broad commitment to delivering affordable, best-in-class fuel efficiency to the masses.
  • The Ford Electrification Strategy includes five new electrified vehicles in North America by 2012 and in Europe by 2013 ( Transit Connect Electric, Focus Electric 2011, C-Max Energi 2012, C-Max Hubrid 2012, and a yet-to-be determined next-generation hybrid car in 2012)
  • Ford is aiming for hybrid and electric vehicles to make up 10% to 25% of Ford’s vehicle fleet by 2020.

C-Max Hybrid :

  • 50% lighter
  • 25-30% smaller
  • Advanced lithium-ion battery
  • Critically acclaimed powersplit hybrid architecture
  • Targets AT-PZEV (Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle) status

Transit Connect Electric :

  • Ford’s first all-electric vehicle (2010)
  • Aimed at fleet and commercial customers
  • Hundreds already on the road
  • Up to 80 miles per charge
  • Drivable today
Focus Electric :
  • Innovative Design removable upgradable serviceable
  • 3-4 hour charge on 240V outlet
  • Faster recharge than Nissan Leaf
  • Value Charging

Vehicles that were displayed  and that we were able to test drive :

  • Focus Electric
  • Transit Connect Electric
  • Fiesta
  • Explorer with EcoBoost
  • Fusion Hybrid
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Thanks to Nicole Newsome and Kim Finley who attended the Tweetupwith me and test drove the vehicles! 



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