I get the Cox Cable bundle package – includes cable, internet and phone and really do I NEED all of that?  I pay $140 a month…I only get the basic phone for my alarm system at home.  In fact I don’t even know my home phone number because I don’t use it.  It is good to have too so when I do have a babysitter come to the house and she doesn’t have a cell phone then she can have for emergencies and I can reach home if I need to.

I have cable…but do I really watch TV?  My boys watch their Nickelodeon and occasionally I like to watch CNN or HGTV when I have time.  But do I NEED cable?

I NEED my internet of course because that is my job and since I work from home alot of the time it really isn’t an option for me.

Well I called in just to see what I could do and what extras I really needed.

Well they discounted my bill to $120 a month and a $100 check to stay with them for at least another year!!  All I had to do is ask and made it worth my while.

And just found out that they also offer wireless service too!  Might need to check into that too!


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