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Arby’s NEW Grand Turkey Club

arbys grand turkey club

Arby’s NEW Grand Turkey Club – SERVED HOT which includes sliced roast turkey, melted Swiss cheese, pepper bacon, leaf lettuce, tomato and mayo served on a toasted Wheat bun!

arby's grand turkey club

The boys are back in school, fall is here and preparing for the holidays – Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas , hardly any “me” time.  But one thing I crave more than anything is a day off!  As a single mother to 2 boys ( 4 & 7yrs old) I don’t think that will happen very often.  And if I happen to get a Sunday afternoon with no planned activities it is usually spent, cleaning, laundry, errands, or working around the house.  So if my planned “me” time is spent with an occasional  glass of wine or occasional lunch out with a friend then I will gladly take it!  Last week’s lunch out place of choice – Arby’s.

I know it feels like forever since I have had the opportunity to have lunch at Arby’s but now that they have this new Turkey Club I definitely wanted to go back and try it out!  Normally I get the usual Roast Beef sandwich and of course the curly fries which you can never go wrong on.

I went to lunch with my friend @MattPooch last week at the Arby’s on Virginia Beach Blvd and Independence to try the NEW Grand Turkey Club.  Going to lunch with Matt is always eventful, as we like to document our conversations with our cameras ( video blogging).

Matt ordered the Crispy Chicken Bacon and Swiss sandwich with Curly Fries.  I think my sandwich looked a bit better 🙂  What do you think?

arbys crispy chicken bacon and swiss sandwich

Overall, I would definitely order again – except have them go a little lighter on the mayo.  The staff and even the other customers were very friendly at the restaurant.  We often have random and interesting.  conversations about all of our cameras and why we have while we are eating.

  lunch with matt pooch


 So who is craving the new ARBY’S New Grand Turkey Club?

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