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Natural Ways To Help Your Toddler When Sick

It is now 10:12pm and it is now finally quiet time…Awwwww

The past 2 days have been a bit rough in the Doriguzzi home with a sick little 2yr old.  He was up last night throwing up and coughing.  And this morning when he woke he had a temperature, sneezing and running nose.  All at the perfect time of a perfectly planned 1st week of 2011.

I love my career and my crazy schedule however, I love being a mom even more!  So had to rearrange and juggle the schedule to slow down for a day and spend it on the couch with a spider man blanket, box of kleenex, and of course a big empty bowl for the moments when he couldn’t quite make it to the bathroom to throw up.

He was comforted the most watching Monster Truck and Dinosaur videos online with me this afternoon and just being held which I am so grateful to be able to be there for my little guy.

The nurse told me that he was ok at 102 temperature but if it went over 3 days then to schedule an appointment.

Here are the tips that she gave me :

  • A spoon of honey
  • Sit in the bathroom after running the hot shower to have him breathe in the steam
  • Saline drops for his nose
  • Motrin for kids
  • And basically let him cough it out of his system ( it is a good thing)
  • Lots and lots of liquids to drink

Well so far so good he was in good spirits this evening and I love being reminded by my boys every once in awhile to slow down and enjoy the moments and simple times with them.



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