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Ethan’s New Blog…Coming Soon in 2011

So my 5yr old already has a blog that I have been trying to keep up with and now my 2yr old wants his own too.  So Hunter named his blog EthanatorOnline.com Which I think is too cute.   We call Ethan the Ethanator because he is constantly eating and if Hunter turns his head..Ethan will quickly eat the food off of Hunter’s plate.

Ethan’s blog will be mostly his photos he takes himself and I will be taking the video.  He LOVES to sing and he got a new Karaoke machine for Christmas that he can’t get enough of.  So be on the lookout for some fun videos.

I got Ethan last year a FUJI camera that is waterproof in up to 10ft of water, be buried in the sand and even dropped several feet and won’t break.  It also take video but he also likes to use the Flip Camera.



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