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Congratulations Dad!

I wanted to congratulate my dad for his teaching award he just received UNMC College of Medicine Class of 1962 Basic Science Outstanding Teacher Award for the 2nd time.

He won this outstanding award because not only is he a great teacher but the relationships he creates with all of his students.  I remember growing up he would literally take the photos of all of the students (which was hundreds of them) and use them like flash cards to remember who each and every one of them were.


Here is a picture of my dad ( Dr Cornish).  He is the one on the right with the award.

Go ahead…ask me what my dad does.  I have NO IDEA.  All I know he is a Cardiovascular Physiologist. (something to do with the heart)

But I am glad for the difference my dad has made as a teacher.  If he didn’t care about his students would he really take the time to learn all of their names?

I wonder if you could remember all of your clients names?



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