//3 Ways To Increase The Power Of Your Business Card

3 Ways To Increase The Power Of Your Business Card

I had the great pleasure of meeting with Nikki Curry of Mind Body Image who gave me some great tips this weekend on branding your business card. 

I do alot of networking and get a ton of business cards for future referrals and growing my business.  It is so hard sometimes that when you have a stack of business cards how on earth are you going to remember them later down the road?  I thought that these tips were simple and very helpful for everyone.

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  1. A call to action on the back of card.  I have seen people ask for referrals, email for a free report, call for appt, receive free gift for booking a party(network marketers), etc…
  2. Don’t gloss on back of your card.  They need to write notes on the back of the card. 
  3. Photo on your card.  It builds the trust factor.  And for those that are camera shy…remember “All people are beautiful”

My husband and I are now a mortgage team at New American Mortgage and so we had to find a creative way to get all of our information onto one business card. 

What does your business card have and how are we going to remember you?

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